Universal Constructor (Gerador Universal)

This game was made for TechBox Game Jam taking place on ISMAI LEGENDS 7-9/7/17. The theme was "Geração" (Generation).

The game won 2nd place among 7 teams.

Online and Desktop versions. Use Desktop version for compatibility with Xbox controllers and better performance.

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This game suports up to 5 players: 1 on keyboard and mouse and up to 4 on Xbox 360 controllers or compatible.

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In 2150, a group of heroines has to defend themselves against a horde of monsters. The weapons they carry won't be enough to defend against the relentless enemy invasions.

Therefore, to defend themselves, they'll have to use the universal constructor technology that will give them vital tools.

But, the generator won't work as magic... The heroines will have to feed the device with the carcasses of the monsters they defeat to use as raw materials.

How long will they survive in this hostile environment?

Anna, Rachel, Susie, Fiona and Mary will have to cooperate to face adversity and reach further in this fight against evil...


This game fits into the category of "top down shooter" and incorporates a mechanic that requires the player to feed a structure with the bodies of the enemies they'll defeat to get bonuses:



Bosca Ceoil was used to compose the main soundtrack and BFXR was used for the sound effects.


Initially manual Concept Art was made on paper. Then Clip Studio Paint Pro was used to draw the sprites and Affinity Photo to clean up the manual sketches.


Thank you for playing :)

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