Tank Roulette

This game was made for Invictvs Game Jam that took place on Edifício Transparente Porto on 8-10/9/17. The theme was "Lucky Shot".


Download (Executable Jar File)

Download - Jam Version (Executable Jar File)


Tank Roulette is a competitive top-down shooter game where players command tanks on top of a roulette table. To help you complete the goal of destroying your opponents you have a variety of power-ups at your disposal. Grab a lucky die to roll a random power-up. There are also money bags you can blow up to deal damage to your opponents and precious diamonds you can use to restore your life.

This is a multiplayer game but, to make the game more acessible to those who don't have some friends by hand, AI opponents were implemented post jam. But be careful, these can be a tough challenge.

Pick-ups and items



This game supports up to 4 players: 1 on the keyboard and up to 4 on Xbox 360 controllers or compatible. The option to include up to 4 AI players is available.

Xbox Controller: Keyboard and Mouse: Extra:

Thank you for playing :)

Download (Executable Jar File)

Download - Jam Version (Executable Jar File)

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