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Leave this to me

...and as the as the asteroid got its final boost from the involved dreadnaught's momentum cannons, humanity was resigned to their fate. 300 megatons of rock headed straight to Central America. It was wrong to fight back but this was where we stood.

"No, this can't be it. We can still fight." - Nicholas said.

"NICHOLAS, LEAVE THIS TO ME" - said Steve to all of humanity.

He was casually standing on the hood of his ship with his usual shit eating grin being broadcast to all of humanity. His forehead was starting to catch fire by this point while a aura of power was almost visible.

"Don't grieve for me friends. At first I was also afraid of stepping forward, of making a change. My soul that was once in a sea of languish is now alive and burning. If this tiny ass ship of mine can buy earth one more day, who the hell am I to refrain from trying?" - he said as his smile subtly changed.

Steve then proceeded to jump in his cockpit in the most over the top fashion possible and intercept the asteroid at around fifteen thousand kilometers from earth.

"The memories of what we left behind and the hopes for what lies ahead. That is my will. That is why we'll move forward!" - were the last words he broadcasted.

Impact was a 1.5i level event. A reaction that sent approximately 0.5% of the asteroid's mass into the earth-moon hyperdimentional energy buffers and most of the rest into orbit. Just enough to create an awesome show and give him a fighting chance.

Luis Eduardo Reis

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