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My Boyfriend turned out to be a Galaxy

It was a warm summer night on a rural setting.

The two sat together in the grass beneath a distinct belt of countless stars. The sound of crickets nearby was soothing and fireworks could be seen at a distance.

This was her last day of vacation. School life would soon resume and he would no longer be at the center of her life. A sudden sadness made her clasp her chest. He noticed the melancholic look on her face and grabbed her hand softly.

"This will probably be the last time we'll see each other" - he said as tears began to fill her eyes. She was about to reply when he stood up picking her up as well.

"You are my only one. I will love you until the end of the universe." - he said.

Taking his hand, reality began to dissolve. And before the blood could reach her cheeks the sky above melted with light. Stars rushed past leaving blue shifted trails of light. Clouds of gas passed by in beautiful parallax and starry tendrils soon unfolded. As the field of view changed, blue backgrounds changed to red.

She let go of his hand and simply floated in the form of a small globular cluster.

His image floated in front of her, waving goodbye. As the metaphor dissolved he presented his true self, accompanied by a sense of vertigo: Ten to the eleventh power stars.

"I'm sorry I had to leave so soon. But there is something I must do" - he finally said, before facing his foe.

A foe a full order of magnitude larger than him. A dark demon casting his overpowering shadow on the whole local group. She can only watch, taking refuge behind a small dwarf cluster. 4 billion years later the two collide, ripping each other apart with their first blow. They recoil and ready for a second encounter. Tendrils of light dance with violence. Clouds of gas heat up with friction, triggering the birth of billions. The second pass is less violent and the third even less so. Finally the two giants merge and the hero's sacrifice begins its echo for the rest of time.

Time passed. Space too.

And as suddenly as she left she was back. Just in time for the first tear to roll down her face. He was gone, leaving just a scorched circle in the ground.

Looking up she felt a just a little bit better. Knowing that every night she could look up and see him.

Luis Eduardo Reis

Inspired by Viridian Genesis

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